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  • Why Bathing is Essential for Your Skin

    Since the beginning of life, bathing has been considered essential to human well-being. This was especially evident in Roman and Japanese culture, where the bathing customs and hygiene were revered to the point of obsession. Bathing lost its popularity during the medieval times in part due to the idea that dirt was a protection germs and that body odor was considered an attractive element along with increased utilization of perfumes and cosmetics. Today, bathing has become a daily routine for some and a necessity for most.  View Post
  • Why can't I wear my Favorite Necklace?

    Does your skin make it difficult to wear some of your favorite outfits and accessories? Your sensitive skin may be trying to tell you something. For many patients afflicted with atopic eczema, it is an undeniable frustration having to deal with flare-ups from being exposed to even the simplest everyday allergens that others without sensitive have no trouble with. You may not be aware, but you might actually be wearing it on you right at this moment! View Post
  • Can Washing Your Hands Too Frequently Cause Eczema?

    What causes dry itchy skin? Many aspects of our daily routine, from household chores to practicing good hygiene, can cause our skin to break out into a rash. Our hands are especially susceptible to becoming irritated since they tend to see the most wear and tear, including a surprising source of irritation: hand washing.  View Post