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  • Skin Care for Breast Cancer

    Treatments for Cancer can affect your skin and leave it dry, dull, flaky and more sensitive to sun, wind, topical products and other elements. Your skin color can be abnormal or lackluster and is impacted by anemia, drug treatments, and the overall loss of vitality.   View Post
  • The Skeptics Guide to Natural Eczema Treatment

    In the medical world, natural can mean a plethora of things. Some people imagine a witch doctor deep in the Amazon while others see a new revolution in the medical community fighting against big drug companies. I’m sure you know someone on each side of the extremes: someone who believes strongly in essential oils, foot-zone therapy, and natural healing versus someone who panics when they hear the word “natural,” thinking the devil has been summoned. So who is right? As is usually the case, they’re both right…and wrong.  View Post