Frequently Asked Questions

Are the TrueCider hair care products safe for color-treated hair?


I am allergic to Wool Alcohols(Lanolin) and Amerchol L101. I need to know if your product contains these allergens.

The Lanosterol esthers are a highly purified extract from lanolin. While we cannot guarantee that they are free of the components of lanolin to which you are allergic (the wool alcohols themselves are usually the allergen), we can tell you that the manufacturer of the lanosterol esthers conducted patch testing on 502 individuals and detected no definitive allergies. We have also patch tested our products on 200 patients and had zero allergic reactions and zero irritant reactions.

I am allergic to cocamidopropyl betaine - can I use TrueLipids products?

Our products do not cross react with Cocamidopropyl Betaine.

Help! What should I do? Everything I use on my skin burns!


  • Daily vinegar baths: Add enough vinegar to bring the bath pH down to 4 or 4.4
  • Do not use soap, shampoo or conditioner (TrueCider products are okay for most people)
  • Do not rinse, but blot dry, leaving the vinegar on the skin
  • Apply CLMS Relieve and Protect Ointment 4x/day
  • In some severe cases of eczema, the aqueous formulations are not tolerated due to the very high pH of the skin. By helping to restore the pH with the vinegar baths and then sealing it with the ointment for a few days should bring the skin to a more tolerable pH level. At this time the customer can begin the regular Ultimate Eczema Kit protocol

    Does the Apple Cider Creamy Cleanser and Serum exfoliate the skin?

    It is a very gentle exfoliator that contains two polyhydroxy acids; gluconolatone and lactobionic acid. Both of these acids have been shown to be mild resurfacing molecules that also help the skin barrier to stay moisturized. These molecules have also been shown to be reparative after sun exposure.

    How to care for your skin after a chemical peel

    After a chemical peel, Dr Eberting recommends the TrueLipids Post Procedure Kit. Immediately after the procedure and until the skin is completely healed. Apply the TrueLipids ointment throughout the day to prevent drying or scabbing of the skin. This is very important. The wounded skin must never ever dry out or scab until it is healed. Once the skin is completely healed, then you can use the TrueLipids ceramide+ cream twice a day as a skin barrier protective and anti-aging moisturizer. As your skin goes back to normal, and if you prefer less moisture, you may switch to the TrueLipids Hydrate, Correct & Perfect Lotion. If you enjoy more moisture, keep using the TrueLipids Ceramide + Cream.