Frequently Asked Questions

Are the TrueCider hair care products safe for color-treated hair?


I am allergic to Wool Alcohols(Lanolin) and Amerchol L101. I need to know if your product contains these allergens.

The Lanosterol esthers are a highly purified extract from lanolin. While we cannot guarantee that they are free of the components of lanolin to which you are allergic (the wool alcohols themselves are usually the allergen), we can tell you that the manufacturer of the lanosterol esthers conducted patch testing on 502 individuals and detected no definitive allergies. We have also patch tested our products on 200 patients and had zero allergic reactions and zero irritant reactions.

I am allergic to cocamidopropyl betaine - can I use TrueLipids products?

Our products do not cross react with Cocamidopropyl Betaine.