Getting Rid of Cracked Heels With a Simple Nightly Routine

If the skin on your cracked heels is so dry that it’s sharp enough to cut your sheets or your socks then you’ve got a problem. It’s almost flip-flop season and you aren’t sure if you’re ready to display those feet quite yet. Gagging is never the result you want from someone when they see your feet. Putting lotion on them sometimes feels like you might as well be moisturizing the pavement. So what can you do? Can they be fixed?? Yes.

We asked some people to finish this sentence describing their heels: “My cracked heels are so sharp that…” Here were some of our favorites:

“My cracked heels are so sharp that I can grate cheese with them.”

“My cracked heels are so sharp that they can cut diamonds.”

“My cracked heels are so sharp that I don’t need soccer cleats.”

“My cracked heels are so sharp that I can use them to slice veggies.”

“My cracked heels are so sharp that I can ice skate with bare feet.”

Add your own to the comments!

If you have cracked heels I can guess a few things about you. You probably like to walk barefoot. You have hardwood floors in your house. You are a heel-walker (you put a disproportionate amount of weight on your heels when you walk). You love flip-flops. Do you fit the mold? I thought you might. Those are all causes of your feet drying up and turning to stone. 

Here is a SIMPLE proven formula for curing your dry, cracked heels.

  1. Nightly routine
    1. Apply thick moisturizer, preferably an ointment – This will seal the cracks
    2. Cover it in plastic wrap
    3. Put a sock over it
  2. Morning Routine
    1. Apply another moisturizer, preferably a cream
    2. After 3 days use a pumice stone to remove the dead skin.

Here is my video case study I made for you about MY feet. 

The time it takes to heal those heels will mostly depend on how loyal you are to the process and what moisturizer you use. 

Be proud of your feet this summer and fix your feet for good this time!