From Our Founder

Cheryl Lee Eberting, M.D., FAAD
Founder & CEO Claridei Laboratories
CherylLeeMD, Sensitive Skin Care

I determined to create the TrueLipids and TrueCider products during my dermatology training on the day I was introduced to the gold standard “hypoallergenic” moisturizers. I saw a tremendous need for anti-aging and therapeutic skin care products that really were hypoallergenic and non-toxic, and that were engineered to optimize the natural skin barrier biology.

As an expert in skin barrier biology and chemical allergies and toxicities, I have applied this knowledge to benefit both normal and abnormal skin types. I spent over four years perfecting the True Lipids and TrueCider technology to be incredibly effective for age management, normal skin optimization, and to benefit countless skin problems. Today, with this technology I am able to help many of my patients without prescription drugs and without the use of any toxic or allergenic chemicals.

The TrueLipids and TrueCider technology is designed to help prevent the signs of aging and to help the skin barrier to become and stay healthy and beautiful. All skin types and colors can benefit-and even those with the most sensitive skin can find much needed relief from these products!

Dr. Eberting is a Board Certified Dermatologist and a former Clinical Research Fellow from the National Cancer Institute. She is the founder of Claridei Laboratories and is the inventor of the patent-pending TrueLipids® Skin Barrier Repair & Optimization TechnologyTM and the TrueCiderTMSkin Barrier Acidification Products.

This patent-pending technology simultaneously focuses on essential skin lipid replacement, skin pH, the microbiome, inflammation, cellular turnover, chemical sensitivities, and allergies.
TrueLipids have polyglycerol fatty acid esters designed to make oil-in-gel matrix for long term evenly distributed drug delivery for prescription compounding.

With this overall equilibrium approach to the skin barrier, CherylLeeMD products benefit countless skin problems and are the most useful and multitasking skin care products on the market.