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  • Nighttime Skin Care Routine

    Our bodies recover, replenish and regenerate as we sleep and through the night our skin has an opportunity to really get its glow on. Every woman wants the perfect complexion and to achieve this, a nightly skin care routine is critical. Follow these nightly routine tips and you will find yourself on a path to fresh, glowing skin. View Post
  • Can Washing Your Hands Too Frequently Cause Eczema?

    What causes dry itchy skin? Many aspects of our daily routine, from household chores to practicing good hygiene, can cause our skin to break out into a rash. Our hands are especially susceptible to becoming irritated since they tend to see the most wear and tear, including a surprising source of irritation: hand washing.  View Post
  • The Role of Antihistamines in the Relief of Eczema Itching

    Atopic Dermatitis is the genetic form of eczema and is the result of many different factors defects in the skin barrier; lipid (or fat) deficiency in the skin barrier, an overly alkaline pH of the skin barrier (partially due to a lack of certain fatty ACIDS in the skin), a susceptibility to bacteria and yeast overgrowth (probably due to the overly elevated pH), faulty cell cycling (at least partially due to disrupted calcium gradients in the skin), an increased rate of allergic reactions to certain chemicals that are applied to the skin, AND an overly exuberant inflammatory reaction (at least partially due to overgrowth of bacteria and to reactions to chemicals applied to the skin).   View Post