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  • What Does Hypoallergenic Mean?

    If you’ve ever dealt with atopic eczema personally, then you can probably relate to the being told repeatedly, “Avoid this or don’t use that!” Being the compliant patient that you are, you heed every advice. You’ve taken the time to look at what you buy and made sure that every single product you ever put on your skin is “hypoallergenic”. Despite your efforts to follow doctor’s orders, your eczema continues to rear its ugly head, leaving you in a state of confusion and frustration.  View Post
  • What is the Balsam of Peru (BOP)?

    Your skin is a vital organ that often communicates with you through various symptoms. If your skin suddenly becomes dry, red, and itchy, it may be a sign that you have an allergy. In simple terms, an allergy is an immune reaction to a chemical in the environment, resulting in your body releasing inflammatory mediators that creates the itchy red rash that becomes your worst enemy for the next few days. View Post