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  • Katie Couric's Eczema Journey - Article reposted from ------- By Katie Couric   Shutterstock Share Plus, common ingredients you may be allergic to. I’ve had eczema ever since I was a little girl. I used to get it in the crease of my arm and my mom would spread some kind... View Post
  • Ear dermatitis before and after: One of our customers recently asked us a question about eczema in the ears when wearing hearing aids. The eczema started AFTER starting the use of the hearing aids. In this case, we think of a form of eczema called allergic contact dermatitis–a fancy name for ec... View Post
  • Nighttime Skin Care Routine

    Our bodies recover, replenish and regenerate as we sleep and through the night our skin has an opportunity to really get its glow on. Every woman wants the perfect complexion and to achieve this, a nightly skin care routine is critical. Follow these nightly routine tips and you will find yourself on a path to fresh, glowing skin. View Post