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CherylLee MD True Lipids® have been used by countless patients, bringing them lasting relief. Browse through the testimonials and pictures to see what CherylLee MD can do for you.

Sadie, 6 months old, Moderate Eczema

“TrueLipids is amazing. It has worked miracles on my baby’s skin. For months we were in and out of doctors’ offices, trying to figure out how to get her skin under control. Nothing worked! She was itchy and miserable. It wasn’t until we tried TrueLipids Ultimate Eczema Kit that I could see my beautiful baby with a clear face. It started working in 24 hours! Thank you!”

–Rachel Cook, Sadie’s mother

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Lizzy, 9 years old, Severe Eczema

For the past 12 weeks we have been using TrueLipids and TrueCider products. It is doing a wonderful job maintaining Lizzy’s eczema. She is a lot more comfortable. I’ve had friends and neighbors comment on how much happier she is—and she is more full of life. She looks more radiant in her countenance. She is feeling so much better with the relief from eczema!

–Lizzy’s mother

Sue, 56 years old, Severe Eczema

“…I am confident that I have found a product that will help get me through the winter months with much more comfort than I have had for years. I am amazed at how well this product has worked through the summer. My legs look like I have never had a problem. Much of the scarring is gone!”

–Sue Suss

Nikki, 28 years old, Perioral Dermatitis

Jane, 60 years old

“Before, my skin was red and hot, and now it’s very soft. A lot of the redness has gone away and the texture is very nice.”


Gavin, 9 years old, Moderate Eczema

Gavin’s skin was just a mess. He itched all the time and he scratched it so much that he had sores all over his body. He would come down stairs in tears because it hurt so bad. He had sores all over him. Since we started using TrueLipids, his skin is AMAZING. His skin is so much better. He says its weird, because its normal!”

–Michelle, Gavin’s mother