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  • Ultimate Eczema Kit
  • Ultimate Eczema Kit
Cheryl Lee MD Sensitive Skin Care

Ultimate Eczema Kit

**Final Closeout Pricing on Relieve & Protect and Hydrocortione Barrier Cream which is marked as expiring 11/22 but is still good for an additional two years.

Clear, Calm, Beautiful Skin

Quickly bring soothing relief to itchy eczema prone skin with TrueLipids Ultimate Eczema Kit. Simple 3-step process to calm, protect, and maintain the itching, irritation, inflammation and redness associated with eczema. Created by Dermatologist Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting.

Product Features:

  1. Dermatologist tested and approved kit quickly produces clear, calm, beautiful skin.
  2. Simple 3-step skin care process calms, protects, and treats itchy eczema prone skin.
  3. Non-toxic TrueLipids formula helps balance the skin’s delicate pH levels.
  4. Safe for use by all ages, and provides a deep moisturizing effect that lasts for hours.
  5. Free of 88 top allergens


How To Use

STEP 1: Apply TrueLipids Barrier Cream followed by Ointment to all areas of inflammation and areas of rough skin 2-4 times a day.
STEP 2: For maintenance: As the skin texture and areas of inflammation resolve, apply Cream followed by Ointment twice a day for normal skin maintenance.
STEP 3: For flare ups: If small areas of inflammation recur, repeat step 1 as needed for a few days.


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