Itchy Skin

What causes Itchy Skin?

The causes of itchy skin are numerous. Eczema, age, medications, infections, allergies and health problems can all be associated. The skin may look scaly or flaky, or you may notice itchy bumps. When itchy skin is the result of eczema, the loss of the skin’s natural moisturizing lipids from excessive washing and soap use, or from the loss of skin lipids as one ages, the itch can often be relieved by repairing the lipid layers of the skin barrier. The CherylLeeMD® patent-pending, TrueLipids® technology protects the skin, supplies it with the lipids it needs to repair itself and provides an optimal pH -- creating an environment where the skin can heal itself.

Itch from Health Problems

There are some medical conditions that can cause severe itch - usually over the entire body. Kidney or liver disease, lymphoma and other malignancies can cause severe, full-body itching that should be evaluated by your health care provider. Nerve damage can also cause chronic itching—usually in a small, localized area. If you have a pinched nerve or compressed vertebrae in your neck or back, it too can cause itching. This type of itch is usually more of a burning or a tickle under the skin.

Itchy Skin Recommendations

Additional Treatment Tips

  • Avoid long, hot showers and the use of soap. Hot water and soap remove the much-needed lipids from the skin. Use soap only on the face and other stinky or dirty areas. Don’t use soap on arms, legs or the trunk.
  • If symptoms persist, please see your dermatologist to evaluate other possible causes of the itchy skin.
  • Always consult with a doctor if the itch covers the entire body or if severe dry skin symptoms came on very suddenly. These symptoms can sometimes be associated with a serious health problem.

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