Cracked, Dry Lips

Do you feel like your lips are addicted to Chapstick® or Carmex® or another lip balm? If your chapped lips peel more when you are using a lip product, then chances are it contains either an allergen or an irritant. Common allergens in lip products include beeswax, fragrance, dyes, and preservatives. Beeswax is a VERY common allergen because it is full of pollen and propolis from numerous plants. You may even encounter the carcinogen, Phenol, which is present in Carmex®.

Cracked, Dry Lips Recommended Treatment

For truly soothing care of dry, cracked, chapped or peeling lips, apply a thick layer of TrueLipids® TrueLips™ Lip Balm as needed throughout the day and especially at night. Our patent-pending, essential skin-lipid blend includes ceramide 3 for lip-line control, and natural 18-B glycyrrhetinic acid from licorice root, which is calming and an anti-inflammatory. This lip balm has also worked wonders for users of Accutane® or similar drugs that dry out lips. Check out our video testimonial of a teenager who used TrueLipids® TrueLips™ Lip Balm to dramatically decrease the dryness caused by Accutane®.

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