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Lipid Release™ Technology

Cheryl Lee MD® Sensitive Skin Care products are the first skin care products in the market to be truly therapeutic, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. The technology behind our amazing skincare product line is called TrueLipids®, and it has helped many people manage their sensitive skin conditions without the use of prescription steroids; this is the Holy Grail in the treatment of sensitive skin. The TrueLipids® products are unparalleled in their combined level of hypoallergenicity, non-toxicity and effectiveness.

Working to Restore Healthy Skin

TrueLipids® technology works with the skin to augment its own barrier repair mechanisms in restoring a disrupted skin barrier and in sealing out allergens, irritants, and infection. This means that our products provide deep, effective lipid delivery (which is crucial for maximizing treatment) and long-lasting moisture while helping to repair the skin.

At Cheryl Lee MD® Sensitive Skin Care our goal is for those who suffer from atopic dermatitis, itchy skin, dry skin, ichthyiosis, nummular dermatitis and more to be able to manage their skin conditions naturally and safely without a costly prescription moisturizer. We believe that through your evaluation, you will find our products and our science to be effective, precise, and the best products in the market for treating disrupted skin conditions.

Truly Hypoallergenic AND Non-Toxic

Our products were created to be the "gold standard" hypoallergenic and non-toxic moisturizing system for normal, sensitive, or atopic skin, AND to be the most effective emollients available to those with any form of aberrant skin barrier.


To learn more about our products and the effectiveness of our TrueLipids® technology, we invite you to visit our Before & After picture library to see the results of our technology for yourself.