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The serum includes Organic Apple Cider Vinegar!   The serum is perfect for face and body. This gentle age-fighting and acidifying serum is designed to help your skin to attain its naturally healthy pH and to fight infection and inflammation.  This serum has been formulated with organic apple cider vinegar and two polyhydroxy acids; gluconolactone and lactobionic acid.  The product is useful in treating fine lines and wrinkles, eczema, acne, rosacea, candida, psoriasis, intertrigo, cradle cap, hidradenitis, dry and aging skin.

Not only is TrueLipids Hydrate, Correct & Perfect Lotion a wonderful moisturizer and barrier repair lotion for those with eczema, but its lipid replacement system featuring Ceramide 3 and phytosphingosine helps to optimize fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. The niacinamide and extract from licorice root found in the lotion are anti-inflammatories and the gluconolactone acts as an antioxidant with free-radical scavenging benefits.

Lotion features:

  1. Dermatologist tested and approved lotion moisturizes and repairs eczema damaged skin.
  2. Lipid replacement system helps optimize fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.
  3. Non-toxic medical grade formula contains soothing anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants.
  4. Free of 88 top allergens, hypoallergenic lotion won’t cause an allergic reaction.
  5. Effective for all ages and skin types, this lotion can be used by your entire family

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