• Cracked Hands & Feet Kit
  • Cracked Hands & Feet Kit
  • Cracked Hands & Feet Kit
Cheryl Lee MD Sensitive Skin Care

Cracked Hands & Feet Kit

Beautiful Hands and Feet, Easily

Are your hands or heels cracked and painful? Are they embarrassing you? Stop hiding them and get rid of cracks on your hands and feet for good with TRUELIPIDS Cracked Hands & Feet Kit. Beautiful hands and feet, easily.

TrueLipids Cracked Hands & Feet Kit has been created to provide maximum relief, quickly. Get relief from cracked/dry hands and feet and keep irritations under control. The formula plays a key role in providing relief from outside irritants that cause dry, cracked skin. Created by Dermatologist Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting.

  • Maximum relief for cracked hands and feet
  • Truly non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Improves tone, texture and firmness of skin
  • Dermatologist developed and FDA registered
  • National Eczema Association Seal of Approval


These results are not guaranteed and your experience may vary.


How To Use

STEP 1: At night, apply a very thick layer of Ointment to your hands or feet. For your feet, apply a small piece of plastic wrap over the cracks and cover with socks. Go to bed!
For your hands, apply both morning and night. For faster results, after applying n Ointment cover with 100% cotton gloves followed by vinyl gloves, at night.

STEP 2: Use Cream to maintain your beautiful, new skin.

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