Genetic Dry Skin - Ichythosis

Is Dry Skin Genetic?

Yes - there are many forms of genetic dry skin. The most common form is called Ichthyosis vulgaris. People who have Ichthyosis vulgaris experience skin that is so dry that their legs often look like alligator skin and the skin on their trunk can resemble rough sand paper. The hands often look older than a person’s age and the palms will be “hyper-linear” with more deep lines on the palm than people without Ichthyosis.

X-linked Ichthyosis is another form of genetic dry skin and is less common than Ichthyosis vulgaris. The skin will often have plate-like scale that resembles dry, cracked earth. This condition can be very embarrassing and difficult to treat.

What Causes this Extremely Dry Skin?

Genetic dry skin is caused by abnormalities in the production and processing of skin lipids AND in the skin’s ability to slough normally. This can lead to build up of dry, scaly and itchy skin.

Recommended Regimen:

  • Apply a generous layer of TrueLipids® Relieve & Protect Ointment as often as is necessary to smooth out your dry, scaly skin. Skin will become less scaly, less itchy and much more attractive without the scale!
  • For areas where you prefer a lighter product, use TrueLipids® TrueTherapy™ Ceramide + Cream. This product is the greatest, hypoallergenic and non-toxic moisturizer for the maintenance of dry skin on the earth!