Diaper Rash

What Causes Diaper Rash?

Diaper rash – also known as irritant dermatitis diaper rash – is a type of eczema that is the result of excessive contact with irritants such as urine and feces. Irritating or allergenic chemicals in baby wipes and soaps are also a common culprit. There are some conditions that can look like diaper rash but can be associated with infection or other health problems.

To relieve a typical diaper rash, apply dermatologist-recommended TrueLipids® Double Action Boo-Boo & Bum Balmwith each diaper change. Continue using until symptoms have subsided. This balm is truly hypoallergenic and non-toxic, so it is the VERY best treatment you can use on your baby's sensitive skin!

To Prevent and Protect - Diaper Rash Home Remedies:

  • Don’t use baby wipes. (What?!) Again, don’t use baby wipes. Baby wipes are very irritating and allergenic (not to mention that many of them are full of carcinogens).
  • Always change diapers immediately when the diaper is wet or soiled.
  • When changing diapers, keep your changing pad next to a sink. Using the diaper, wipe baby’s bum if there is #2 in the diaper. Remove the diaper and pull baby’s bum down over the end of the changing pad and in the sink a little bit while holding baby’s legs so he/she doesn’t fall in the sink. Gently rinse baby’s bum with lukewarm WATER ONLY! No Soap! No Wipes!
  • If there is redness around baby’s bum, use a Q-tip and apply TrueLipids® Boo Boo & Bum Balm in a nice, thick layer. Apply with each diaper change until the redness is gone.
  • If the rash is more than just a little red, apply a nice layer of Corn Starch (don’t worry, studies have shown it does not increase the likelihood of getting a yeast infection). The corn starch absorbs the extra moisture and keeps it away from the baby’s bum. It works like a charm!
  • Don’t let your baby play with the corn starch or you will have a bad day!


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