Atopic Dermatitis

What is Atopic Dermatitis?

Atopic Dermatitis is one of the many forms of eczema.  Although it may affect any area of your skin, it most often appears on your arms and behind your knees. This itchy skin inflammation is both a genetic and chronic skin condition affecting 15-30% of children and approximately 5% of adults in industrialized countries (Nakamura, 2013).

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Atopic Dermatitis Treatment

The CherylLeeMD TrueLipids® products are a truly effective part of caring for atopic dermatitis. To maximize the treatment of atopic dermatitis, we recommend the following:

For flares

For Maintenance

Once the skin has returned to a state that is close to normal, continue to use one of the following products as a maintenance moisturizer at least twice a day to avoid future flare ups:


Tips & Tricks: