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CherylLee MD™ products are built on our patented technology – TrueLipids®
– the most advanced skin-barrier repair technology in the world!

Real People, Real Problems, Real Results!

"This is the first cream we’ve found that actually works!" -- Sabrina, Mom of Cohen, Age 6, Atopic Dermatitis

"Within 3 days, my rash began to go away." -- Trisha

"TrueLipids® healed my skin much healthier than Triamcinolone." -- Josh, Allergic Contact Dermatitis

"This stuff really works! Amazing Stuff!" -- Rick, Dad of Grace, Age 2, Nummular Dermatitis

"My stinging nettle-like itch went away in 2 days." -- Jeanne, Age 51, Grover's Disease sufferer

"I had forgotten what it was like to have normal skin. I don’t itch anymore." -- Izzy, Age 19, Atopic Dermatitis

"My baby’s smooth skin is back!" -- Cheryl, Mom of Alex, 6 months, Irritant Dermatitis

Our Products